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Key Benefits

  • Reliable print quality + low cost. Sounds too good to be true? Because of improved manufacturing technology, compatible and remanufactured cartridges now match or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards.

  • Why buy compatible ink cartridges?
    Compatible ink cartridges are generic, manufactured printer cartridges that can provide identical print quality to brand name cartridges, but at substantial savings -- 50% to 90% in many cases. New compatible cartridges will often last longer than new OEM cartridges, because compatible manufacturers generally include more ink/toner than original manufacturers.


OEM Part #


Price $ Can
S020034 Epson Stylus Color/Stylus Pro/Pro XL Black $9.95
S020036 Epson Stylus Color/Stylus Pro/Pro XL 3-Color $14.95
S020047 Epson Stylus II/IIs/820 Black $9.95
S020049 Epson Stylus II/IIs/820 Color $14.95
S020089 Epson Stylus Color 400, 600, 800, 1520 3-Color $12.95
S020093 Epson Stylus Color 400, 500, 600, 700 Black $9.95
S020097 Epson Stylus 200/500 $14.95
S020108 Epson Stylus Color 800, 850,1520 Black $9.95
S020138 Epson Stylus 300 $14.95
S020187 Epson Stylus Color 440 & 640 Black $9.95
S020189 Epson Stylus Color 740 Black $9.95
S020191 Epson Stylus Color 440/640 & 740 3-Color $14.95
T013201 Epson Stylus Color 480, 580, C40, C20 Black $10.95
T014201 Epson Stylus Color 480, 580, C40, C20 Color $16.95
T007201 Epson Stylus Photo 780/870/1270 Black $19.95
T008201 Epson Stylus Photo 780/870/1270 Color $22.95
T015  Epson Color 2000P Black $19.95
T016 Epson Color 2000P Color $22.95
T017 (w/ chip) Epson Color 680/777 Black $19.95
T018 (w/ chip)

Epson Color 680/777 Color

T019  Epson Color 880 Black $10.95
T020  Epson Color 880 Color $15.95
T026  Epson Photo 810/820 Black $19.95
T027 Epson Photo 810/820 Black $22.95
T028/T1040 Epson C60/C62 Black $19.95
T029/T041 Epson C60/C62 Color $22.95
T032120 Epson Stylus Color C80/C82 Black $22.95
T032220/323/324 Epson Stylus Color C80 C/M/Y $12.95  each
T034120 Epson Photo 2100/2200 Black $25.95
T0342/43/44/45/46/47 Epson Photo 2100/2200 C/M/Y/LC/LM/LY $15.95
T036 Epson Stylus C42UX Black $15.95
T037 Epson Stylus C42UX Color $17.95
T042220/423/424 Epson Stylus Color C82 C/M/Y Colors $12.95   each

If your model is not listed above please contact us, Email: or Call us Tel: 613 823 5639

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