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Key Benefits

  • Reliable print quality + low cost. Sounds too good to be true? Because of improved manufacturing technology, compatible and remanufactured cartridges now match or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards.

  • Why buy compatible Laser Toner cartridges?
    Compatible laser toner cartridges are generic, remanufactured printer cartridges that can provide identical print quality to brand name cartridges, but at substantial savings -- 50% to 90% in many cases. New compatible cartridges will often last longer than new OEM cartridges, because compatible manufacturers generally include more toner than original manufacturers.
  • Why buy remanufactured laser Toner cartridges?
    Remanufactured laser Toner cartridges are original manufacturer's cartridges that have been used (usually just once), cleaned, rebuilt, refilled, and repackaged. Remanufactured cartridges benefit the environment by recycling rather than discarding non-biodegradable plastic cartridge casings.


OEM Part #


Price  $Can
HP (92295A)  HP Series II & III (EPS, SX, 92295A)
HP (92275A) HP IIP & IIIP (EPL, LX, 92275A)
HP (92291A) HP Series IIIsi, IVsi (EPN, NX, 92291A)
HP (92298A) HP Series 4 or 5 (EPE, EX, 92298A)
HP (92274A) HP Series 4L, 4P (EPP, PX, 92274A)
HP (C3900A) HP Series 4V (EPB, BX, C3900A)
HP (C3906A) HP Series 5LL100 (EPA, AX, C3906A)
HP (C3903A) HP Series 5P, 6P (EPV, VX, C3903A)
HP (C3909A)

HP Series 5Si (EPW, WX, C3909A


HP (EP8100, C4182X)

HP Series 810015020 (EP8100, C4182X)


HP (C4129X)

HP Series 5000 (EP5000, C4129X)


HP (C4027X)

HP LaserJet 4000/4050 (C4027X)


HP (C4092A)

HP LaserJet 1100/1200 (C4092A)


HP (C4096A)

HP LaserJet 2100/2200 (C4096A)



Canon FX-1 FAX cartridge



Canon FX-2 FAX cartridge



Canon FX-3 FAX cartridge



Canon FX-4 FAX cartridge


Canon FX-5 FAX cartridge


Canon FX-6 FAX cartridge


LM (4049 HY)

Lexmark Optra R series (4049 HY)


LM S Series HY

Lexmark Optra S series HY


LM N Series HY
Lexmark Optra N series HY
LM T Series HY
Lexmark Optra T series HY 610, 612, 614
LM T Series HY

Lexmark Optra T series HY 520, 620


If your model is not listed above please contact us, Email: or Call us Tel: 613 823 5639

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